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About Us


Welcome to Quiller, the number one writing platform for your blog, fan or original fiction and non-fiction, journal or diary, academic publication, or even your upcoming book.

Quiller was born to provide a distraction-free writing platform for professional and non-professional authors alike, where engagement is key. As a result, writers can receive feedback and ratings from other writers, and are encouraged to give back. But writers are just one half of a story, to make it a whole, they need readers.

Readers, thus, are just as important for the Quiller community, and if you happen to be someone who prefers reading over writing, your feedback is immensely valued.

As a writer, your work belongs to you, and you are free to publish with a publisher elsewhere, if you wish. Just keep in mind that your publications on Quiller are available to anyone, whether they are registered or not.

How does it work?

It is very simple. You can publish text and images using a minimalistic, distraction-free interface using the simple and awesome Markdown format. Other readers and writers can follow you, rate and comment on your work, or discover you via the simple global rankings. All this, while being part of an awesome community!

What’s in the name?

Quill /kwɪl/: A pen made from a main wing or tail feather of a large bird by pointing and slitting the end of the shaft. The Oxford Dictionary

The term Quiller is our own wordplay. Unlike its original meaning, we use it here as the wielder of this writing tool.

Why are you doing this?

Because your stories are meant to live.

We love stories, and we believe that they should be read and enjoyed by everyone, no matter the level of expertise.

Is this really free?

Yes. And similarly to our other projects, Kiramoji and Dingwe would love to keep it that way. You will never find advertising or tracking of any kind on our site.

If you believe in and like what we are doing, and you have the means to, please support us with any amount you are able to spare. Your donation supports the freedom of aspiring writers, provides stories for avid readers and encourages the development of Quiller, as well as our other projects. Thank you very much in advance!

Happy writing!