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greetings all , most of you who sign up directly via link from ag.net may know me a little bit

now I have opportunity to post any content as much as I want except not againt the rules xd

here from the title above I would tell about myself sound like I go to interview and hoping for work right?

nope just a rambing so here we goes

my name is wiwat,yeesantia yeah that a weird name for those of you who live in other continent such as Europe may wonder that odd name really exist?

that not a fake name it was my name actually if some of you who live in asia know that this name is true except you are different sirname so you might confusing a bit

let’s tell my personal thing furthermore i’m living in Thailand also that is my country when I was born too

from my perspective many people from several country not see blind people in thai talking in blind community so much there is one reason I can guarantee it is many people lacking of knowledge in English assuming that they know tiny but they aren’t have enough confidence for speaking in worldwide

so I can understand for sure but rarely see blind people in thailand come along with this thing much yeah like me you can find few people in thailand come and talking often through blind social media website like ag.net and enlarge website like reddit , however like I said very rare to find thai people like me come and looking for these website

because of they don’t know in the first place otherwise if they know that website like this exist they don’t have time or scaring what they say and people don’t understand them

that why prently of thai people give up from this since they don’t try or other reason else

so I must tell everyone from international abroad country can understand us better with my valid point and open your mind listen us some more for better connection relationship and infinit attitude

finally thanks for reading my opinion to other country that I have in mind and never post in any website before

now I find appropriate place to do this thanks this website for making and idea

then allow me to register as a member in website also it allow me to contribute my story to anyone at anytime

if you like what I said feel free to comment here if not a biggest issue please rate my content if you get benefit from me

thanks again for reading my publish content I wish you understand us with better direction and understand my poor English anyway

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Awesome. I’m glad you are enjoying the site and that it allows you to express yourself. This was our aim.

Being open is a very nice quality to have, especially when you can find likeminded people. Happy writing!

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thanks erion your comment make me smile when reading if I can come up with new thing I will write as soon as my idea not faid

also If you are giving permission that I can write fiction maybe I can create several content though

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Of course. As the about page says, fiction and non-fiction, academic papers, everything is welcome. Use the site as a blog, as a public diary, as a book, or whatever else you wish it to be. Feel free to go crazy and make it your home! ☺️